Moskvin S.V., Yagupov N.A.

Low-level laser therapy for sports horses

For more than 50 years, low-level laser therapy has been used successfully in medical and veterinary practice to treat domestic and farm animals. Sport horses are in special conditions; injuries and keeping them fit require special care. Low-level laser therapy devices are precious team helpers if they are used correctly. Optimal parameters and exposure localization should be carefully selected in each specific case.

Russia is the only country with a veritable scientific and practical school of low-level laser therapy. In-depth scientific rationale underpins the most effective techniques presented in the book. Low-level laser therapy is used for a wide variety of pathological conditions and diseases, and for stimulating equine performance and endurance: treatment of injuries and various diseases; stimulation of reproductive function in stallions; sport horse training to prepare for competitions; horses’ stress-related issues due to transportation before competitions; and faster physiological recovery after the competitions.

Scientifically grounded methods of combined low-level laser therapy allow for the most efficient and convenient implementation of specially designed devices. LASMIK-VET is intended for external exposure to internal organs and laser blood illumination (wavelength 904 nm, pulsed mode, power 80 W), and LASMIK-AP is designed for laser acupuncture (wavelength 635 nm, power 10 mW).

The book, published in Russian and English, is intended for veterinarians, trainers, and equestrian sports specialists.

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